Current Exhibition

Lit Space by Shinya Kawazuma

 January 1 - May 1, 2020

The Roastery Fine Art Gallery is proud to present exhibition: Lit Space by Shinya Kumazawa. 

Lit Space is Kumazawa’s collection of historic buildings presented as symmetrically enclosed spaces lit by limited light. The colours that reflect, construct the space and allow the spirits that live within it to emerge. 

While not religious, having been born in Japan, Kumazawa’s culture is one of mixed religions. His hometown, Suwa, Japan, is known for a Shintoism festival, where people worship mountain gods. His father is Buddhist and his mother is Christian. Meanwhile, he is deeply fascinated by the stars and in awe of nature. Kumazawa’s works are not simply self-portraits or landscapes or buildings. The form that builds on canvas is an outer shell to what lives inside - the energy, or perhaps gods and spirits - that give life to the space.

Curated by Jacques Descoteaux, Paul Grajauskas and Catherine Lathwell.

Past Exhibition

Landscapes of The North by Jacques Descoteaux

September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 

The Roastery Fine Art Gallery is proud to announce its debut exhibition: Landscapes of the North by Jacques Descoteaux. 

Landscapes of the North is inspired by the sweeping landscapes of Northern Quebec, Northern British Columbia, Iceland, Ireland and Scotland. Descoteaux, however, transcends the corporeal to reach the depths of memory - from the atmosphere, from the impression left by a sunset or sunrise or midnight sun, from a brief glance to the clouds or from the horizon or the earth or to the sea.  By the big sky.  By the sea. It is the abstraction of this memory, it is the imagination of this memory that awakens curiosity, reveals beauty and transports you to his ambiguous, mysterious and imagined places.


Curated by Paul Grajauskas and Catherine Lathwell